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The facilities at Sreepathi Lab are built with resourceful systems and backed by fool-proof processes. Singularly and in totality, they maintain the product quality throughout the process and contribute towards maximizing the output

Production Block

Production Block 1

Production Block 2

Production Block 2

Production Block 3

  • 32 Reactor slots, loaded with required supporting equipments and presently put on use to manufacture API’s.

  • Reaction volume of 125 kl  comprising of 10 GLR’s and 18 SSR’s / PP Vat apart from other support equipments. 

  • 32 Reactor Slots  ( currently vacant)

  • Reaction volume capability 120 kl

  • 16 Reactor slots, out of which 15 reactor slots are loaded with required supporting equipments and presently put on use to manufacture API’s.

  • 1 more reactor slots shall be filled up shortly.

  • Reaction volume of 50 kl  comprising of 4 GLR’s and 11 SSR’s / PP Vat apart from other support equipments.

Pilot Plant

  • Separate pilot plant having 8 Reactors ranging from 50 Ltrs to 500 Ltrs,

  • Used to scale up operations from 5 kg -100kg levels.

  • Pilot Plant is capable to handle multifaceted operations like

    • High temperature reactions (upto 300 dg. C)

    • High pressure reactions ( 10 to 50 kg/cm2)

    • Fractional distillation

Solvent Recovery

  • Two nos. distillation columns of 450 dia. and 250 dia.

  • Capable of handling 8000 ltrs of solvents per day.

  • Empty slot available for adding 1 (one) more distillation column.

Effluent Handling System

  • Storage capacity of 150 kl of effluent.

  • Multiple effect evaporator capable of handing 30kl per day.

  • Acid concentration system to handle 5 T of acid per day.

  • Multiple Scrubber systems.

  • Solid waste storage capacity of 30mt


  • Steam boiler – 3000kg per hour capacity

  • Hot oil boiler – 200000 capacity

  • Chilled brine – 52 TR at -20 Deg C

  • Cooling Tower -  700 TR

  • HIGH VACCUM SYSTEM – Multiple steam ejectors available.


Equipment List

QC Equipments 


  • Sourcing, Manufacturing, Marketing of Bulk raw materials, Intermediate and APIs.

  • Support for Custom synthesis and Manufacturing as per customer requirements.

  • CGMP, Regulatory and all other compliance. 

  • Warehouse for handling- Solid, Liquid chemicals, Bulk solvents and Finished product. 

  • Water treatment for usage in boiler and manufacturing. 

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